Design Objective 
Conceptualize and design branding and collateral pieces for a mobile retail business. Research and create a SWOT analysis and targeted market position. Create a brand to go along with the mobile business and come up with collateral and a branded style guide. Include an identity packet that can be used for advertising. 
Design Brief
The Purrfect Snooze is a mobile business that allows individuals to enter the truck and take a catnap with cats or kittens or just take a mental break. The truck is in a highly populated city near businesses. Individuals can come on their lunch break or just visit if they need a mental break. The cost of a catnap is $7.00 an hour and customers will receive a complimentary eye mask and tote bag. The Purrfect Snooze wants to give workers the opportunity to destress and be able to enjoy playing with kittens and rest.

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