Design Objective 
Complete a SWOT analysis for tourism for the city chosen and two competitors. Identify the objective of the city planning guide and use this to define the target audience. Produce a logo, color palette, and slogan. Create thumbnails and roughs of each book layout. Include an Illustrative map and an ad for a magazine. Finally, compile a style guide that includes all the city guide information. 
Design Brief 
Pop into Pittsburgh is an immersive city guide for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The logo consists of an arched bridge that the city is famous for and silhouettes of famous buildings that can be seen throughout the city. It also contains the title and tagline in colors that are recognizable in Pittsburgh. There is an interactive map with images of popular tourist sites around the city. Throughout the guide, there are pictures and information about places to eat, places to see, and other enjoyable activities to do around the city.  

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