Design Objective 
Create a unique app that is not already on the market. Design the app’s logo as well as iconography for all aspects of the app concept. Create wireframes and color comps of all the pages. Produce a functioning prototype of the app and use it to conduct a survey for user testing. Design a branded booklet to showcase the app. 
Design Brief 
Hymn Helper is an app that was created for people of faith to be able to insert scriptures and find songs that relate to those scriptures. It will be more efficient than plugging it into a search engine and will take less time to find. The target audience is for ages twenty to forty-five. The app is monetized by charging ninety-nine cents to download a song and have it right there on the app. There is also a place to save a payment method directly on the app, so you don’t have to insert it every time. Users can also search for songs without entering a scripture. There is an Explore page, Refresh Results page, Send Feedback page and an About Us page. The app is universal and can be used by anyone, not just people of faith. 

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